A Letter To My Dog

A Letter To My Dog

Dear Bella,

I can still reminisce the first time we met. I walked into a house, and was greeted by three curious Dachshunds all jumping about around me and clawing their paws into my knees. At that point, I had no idea which one of those puppies would be going back home with me. When I was told, that you were the one that I had come for, I carefully picked you up in my arms and wondered how my life was going to alter.

You were frightened and timid in our house at first. You wouldn’t even let me touch you without being a little skeptical. Eventually, when I started walking you around and feeding you out of my hand, you began to like me.

After almost two years, all of that has now led to us becoming each other’s best companions. In just a time span of 1 year and 8 months, you have proven to be my true best friend. For all those times when I was upset and crying and you couldn’t ask why, you would simply rest your little head on my lap and stare right up at me, to assure me that I was never alone.

No matter how many parties I went to or how many times I left you alone at home for the longest hours, every time I came back home, you greeted me the exact same way that you always do- with the wagging of your tail, face kisses and forcing me to give you belly rubs, but never once held a grudge.

And all those times when you would wag your tail and slowly curl up and sit on top of my pillow every time I caught you red handed tearing books and sabotaging earphones, you left me in such a dilemma. On one hand, I just wanted to cuddle you for looking absolutely adorable but on the other hand I couldn’t stop being mad about you ruining my homework and destroying my favorite things.

Your hilarious and audacious attempts at trying to become friendly with cows and your running away from the vet’s clinic, all created a sense of hubbub in my life, but in a good way.

And how is it possible to forget all those times when you intimidated and chased around little kids in the society garden and never obeyed my instructions, which consequentially only led to fully embarrassing me.

But the bottom line is Bella, I am catastrophically attached to you and your little nonsense like your chronic tearing of bed sheets and what not. My day seems incomplete without squishing your innocent-looking face.  Your presence has provided our house with endless positive vibrations and love. Right now you’re a naive imbecile because of your tender age, but in your period of motherhood and senescence, I promise to love and care for you the same way that I always have. You have been a tremendously wonderful listener and almost been like a sibling that I never had.

Thank you Bella, for teaching me the meaning of love and its significance in our world. Words fail me to tell you how much I love you, my little monster.






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