I don’t like puzzles because….. they’re puzzling. I need to be REALLY bored to put my mind to one. I’ve always felt like I could be doing much better things than playing a little game on the second last page of the newspaper.

When I was younger, it used to totally be my thing. Word searches and connect the dots would get me all hyped up for a reason I cannot understand today. I couldn’t wait to get the school newspaper so I could solve the word search for the day and feel exaggeratedly erudite.

But as I grew up, the newspaper and I grew apart and as sad as that is, I no longer cared for any of those games.

A new friend of mine this year solves almost all the puzzles on the school newspaper every day. She’s as quick as a flash and weirdly enjoys it. I never paid much attention because well it had been a long lost time and a long forgotten one.

Until one day when the most arbitrary of all events happened. My disinterested eyes fell upon her Sudoku puzzle. Now I had never solved a Sudoku before but the numbers and the boxes seemed appealing enough for me to ask her what it was. My friend seemed absorbed in the numerical interdependence she so carefully tried to crack and when she explained it to me, I proposed to give it a try.

I thought I’d end up with a headache, a hurt ego and time wasted but to my surprise, it was bemusing yet amusing! It took me a little time and frustration to fully love it but after getting my 4th one(I don’t clear out newspapers from my bag too much) done for the day, I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

My excitement attracted so much attention, we turned our classroom into a Sudoku fest. People who had never tried it before, people who did it as children and people who were so good cause they had practice books for it, all sat down and enjoyed numbers the way we don’t in Math class.

Some of us now solve a Sudoku at school every day and it not only incites sharper brains but also better friendships. It does distract my from my Geography class which might be a little bit ironic.


This is my solved puzzle from today.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

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