A letter to Mother Earth

A letter to Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

This current world and what you intended us to be, have much discrepancy.

I feel lost, like a river running to an unknown sea.


You gave us the sea. A sea that is now being gulped down into the filth we created. It runs to the coasts to tell us it loves us but we shun it away. We let it go. We don’t love it back. On sunny days we admire it but when our rapacity strikes, we strike it like its nothing. We poison the sea with our greed for money. Money is what makes this world now. Not you.


A lost cause. Soils are drained with chemicals, trees are now abated. Food is simply degraded. Wow, we even ruined food. Everything reeks of impurities and defeat. We defeated our own selves.  As we gluttonize on anything but the nutrition that you gave us, we are eating our futures away.


Our sustenance consists of toxic variants we put there ourselves. In some places, to breathe is to fight. Smog is what our lungs bear while we dance in the malignant wind of this new world. We sway to the music of ignorance that we all so dearly love.


I don’t know what it means.



A human being.


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