I love Chocolate!

I love Chocolate!

A drizzle, a sprinkle or a bucketful,

My eyes fixate upon you,

Your aroma pushes its way into my cells,

I breathe a sense of comfort from your dark hue.


You might have a fattening intention,

It makes you a little hard to trust,

But a sniff or a view is all my senses need,

For me to run to that chocolate cake crust!


As you trickle around my ice cream,

While your syrupy sweetness glistens,

My mind begins to get captivated,

So no Vanilla, I’m not going to listen.


To enjoy you too much or too well,

The next day, I heavily regret,

When I finally realize all the calories I inhaled,

It leaves me in a consequential debt.


I know that addictions are grievous,

I tell myself that every single day,

But it’s a struggle not to chug you down,

A struggle that I keep at bay.






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