Silence In The Crowd

Silence In The Crowd

Surrounded by noise and uproar,

He steps out into the crowd.

The lights illuminate his blue face,

He can’t truly express himself out loud.


He’s here to sing, to entertain,

That is his job indeed.

Abundantly passionate about what he does,

But that night he needs to be freed.


They eagerly wait for his charming smile,

One flying kiss or even a just a wave,

Yet they can’t see the story his eyes tell,

He is simply trying to be brave.


Dejected, he looks down at his guitar,

The one she gifted him not long ago.

Holding back another tear,

He begins to strum and start his solo.


Looking out into the mob,

He knows she isn’t there.

Yet imagines her cheering in the crowd,

A crowd he is trying to bear.


The notes harmonize together,

In a way he wishes the pieces of his heart could.

He casts a spell on the audience with his music,

If only that spell could bring her to where he stood.

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