Happily Ever After?

Happily Ever After?


Diary entry of a content woman and the idyllic life that she had always hoped for.

12th june, 2032

As I feel sunkissed not only on Instagram but also in my actual life, my little girls whizz around me and chase each other through green fields and under a beautiful blue sky. My twins prefer gardens over the beach because the beach is too close to home and too routinely. I could still lay on the beach every single day and will eventually get a tan I’ll regret later. Our dog, Yoko is having one of his lazy days and is subtly pleading me for a belly rub. Yoko is three years old but twice as lazy as the girls. He even wants a snack already.

I find it so comforting to be here right now.

My husband bought me flowers today. No occasion. Just that its summer and life should be summery. He should be here anytime. He was working because a client urgently needed his attention. Maybe that is the reason for the flowers. Well then he better bring the girls their favorite flowers too.

I refuse to check my cellphone at all while I’m here right now (unless my husband calls). My phone addiction is getting better. Or that is just what happens when you love the life around you so much. I’m not boasting right? It’s my diary so I guess I’m not. It’s not like I go around saying it at parties or at work. I’m happy but humble. Which reminds me, my party phobia is still the same. I like the dancing but I can’t stand the excessive drinking. Work is going well. I haven’t had the chance to work on an ‘amazing’ writing projects but it has been less busy and I like that. The other day I actually had time to get lunch with my husband during work hours. He seemed really happy to see me less stressed than usual. The girls were over at their grandma’s. I simply took the rest of the day off and went home to Yoko and took a much-needed nap.

I should get the girls ice cream today. It’s really hot out and the ice cream at home run out last night because I stress ate while watching the Bachelor. After which I worked from home till 1am because I could not sleep.

Wonder what we’re gonna do for dinner tonight. The girls will ONLY want pizza but I can’t let them be as unhealthy as I was when I grew up. One of them seems to be chasing a butterfly right now. I bet she’s gonna want to draw it when she gets home. She made us a beautiful thank you card yesterday for buying her that bicycle she always wanted. This is her 9th hand-made card this month. She is unstoppable. I hope she doesn’t ask for art lessons or else our house won’t have enough walls for her talent.

I can see my husband’s car pulling in now. Yoko is already hopping around his car.He didn’t call me when he was on his way so I’m hoping work wasn’t too bad or anything. I should go over and walk him here. I hope he brought some Snapple, he knows I could really use some right now.



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