My Take On Feminism Today

My Take On Feminism Today

I am a woman. And as much as the others everywhere else, I’m entitled to equality, freedom and justice. I have always identified myself as a feminist, despite the snarky expressions I encounter every single time I say so. It is not because I feel oppressed or deprived. I am luckier and more privileged than most. Empathy is the true reason I believe so strongly in women’s upliftment. Compassion is the only way to cure everything wrong in this world.

The egregious truth of feminism today, hasn’t yet allowed me to extricate myself from this ideology. However, I am “triggered”.

Not AS a feminist but BY their vexatious attempts at changing the world, for only themselves.

The feminism that dominates the media today, is a bra burning frenzy aka a group of women who want to abandon razors and be allowed to man spread in public. Now, I am not conservative. Heck I only shave once in two weeks! But our real concern in the world is not the social convention of woman having to remove the hair from any body part that they choose to expose.

While #FirstWorldProblems is a fun little thing on Instagram, how juvenile is it to incorporate it into something much graver. This is not the time for our petty problems. The feminism gaining momentum today and being shown in movies is women rebelling against all social norms. Smoking openly like men do or wearing tube tops whenever you want might be their way of celebrating “feminism” but it is not the one the world needs its attention drawn to, not yet at least. Those actions might be empowering to some but being a feminist requires a stronger standpoint than that. You see, women’s problems are not only confined to our own daily lives. The lives in which we receive an education, can marry a man of our choice but for some reason “it is horrible that I can’t wear shorts to work and that people don’t openly want to talk about my period. I’m a woman. Accept it.”

^^ I’m afraid of these ladies.

I’m not going to lie, women experience inequality in all walks of life. But my point is, to address the issues that are genuinely detrimental. Equal pay for equal work, violence against women, FGM, abortions, catcalling, trafficking, etc are things that actually need to be revolutionized.

My basic point is to shift our focus from women wanting to show social equality by wanting to habituate themselves to manly practices to women being harassed in the workplace or child marriage in the less developed countries. That was always the bona fide essence of feminism which has in the modern world been blotched by period acceptance and what not.

Moreover, I believe that men and women are indeed different from each other in various ways. We cannot simply decide to be just like them while retaining our original sexual orientation. For example, we need bras. We just do. And if you don’t want to wear one, that is your personal decision and not something to wake up the world for. We are two different types of humans. We cannot unify every single aspect of our existence. But we should be able to unify those aspects which are truly relevant to overall welfare and are in fairness.


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