Technology Changed My Day!

Technology Changed My Day!

I rub my eyes and heave a gigantic sigh of relief.My eyes still closed, I scramble about, searching for my smartphone which is so elegantly laying on the side table. My fingers know the drill of this routinely exercise. Placing it in front of my face I press the unlock button which causes a sharp screen glare in my face. “Ugh!”, I exclaim.

Coming back to reality, I check the time and there it says, “7:42am”. My fastidious self is unable to handle this wild beginning to my Saturday morning. I missed the time for my run!

After heavily admonishing Siri for not ringing my alarm this morning, she opens Saavn and plays upbeat music to help me get started on my day.

As I plug in my earphones while running however late it is for me, it is indeed a fascinating morning. The skies are a plethora of hues with a tinge of harsh sunlight but not harsh enough to make me run home. The breeze is strong but feels light on my face as sweat starts dripping on my forehead and my cheeks turn baby pink and I stop to catch a breath. I crunch my body as my hands grope my knees and breathe heavily until I stand erect again and pull my phone out of my pocket. My running app proudly tells me, “2 miles done”. I smile and kiss my phone. I turn around to start heading home but wait, I am lost. This route is foreign and perhaps I was not paying attention for being so focused on saving time on my day. At least it is pretty.

“Stop! This isn’t safe”, I think to myself. Google Maps, HELP ME! 12% battery but its okay. I can make it. As I navigate my way home, I use the 6% battery left on my phone to take selfies intermittently. I pose against random, colorful walls and take portraits of stray dogs for my temporary photography obsession. VSCO gives me an array of filters to refine my amateur photos and ta-da! Feeling like a photography maven, an Instagram post is ready to be uploaded. I reach home and jump in the shower and start singing an old 80s song that I can’t quite remember the lyrics of. I put my hands on my head and my psittacism of the same lyrics is of no avail. Frustrated, I Google the lyrics and voila! My parents can now happily enjoy my semi raspy voice through the bathroom door.

Opening my wildly unorganized closet, I instantly grab the new Blue shirt I ordered last week through Amazon. Unable to decide whether it complements my  jet black jeans or classic beige pants more, I sit on my bed and resort to Pinterest for helping me find the perfect look for my day. Takes me a couple of minutes until I decide to go with the White skirt. The ongoing fashion is literally and metaphorically on my fingertips.

The day progresses into noon and before I surround myself with an endless abyss of assignments and menacing school projects, my gluttonous heart demands an Orange dreamsickle milkshake. “Zomato will take at least 45 minutes”, I think. “It’s worth it”, I say as I excitedly open my app to order a milkshake to pacify my petulant self. Sipping on my vivid colored drink, schoolwork has never felt more tranquil.

After that fleeting afternoon, perplexed and bored I decide to do something I might enjoy a little more.

“Watch a movie?”

“Where is my kindle?”

“Make that video for my mom’s birthday?”

The winner is YouTube dance lessons. It always wins. Bluetooth and my speakers make the evening abundantly vivacious and I hop and jump to the countless beats that grip my attention and let me sway into a trance that helps me realize the paramount position of dancing in my life.

Done with my day, I scroll through Instagram. A  renowned photography page liked my photo of the stray dog. The sent me a DM to be part of their next workshop. I guess my interest might not end up being temporary after all.

Before I know it, it is 10 pm. “Don’t forget to set that alarm”, i say to Siri as she plays my favorite calming music to help me move into a state of slumber. 


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