Who Am I?

Who Am I?

Trudging along the road,

I kneel down and sigh

Blood drips down my forehead,

I can feel my legs, barely.



A man calls to me,

He has a stoic halo.

I cannot remember his name,

My visage turns grim.



There is a boisterousness in my head,

A clamor for answers.

I try to recall my name,

My name I cannot say.



Hurriedly I rise,

Scrambling for pieces,

Tell me, who am I?

I am afraid to think.



I can still hear the firing,

It worsens my memory.

Leaning on a broken car,

I look up to find God.



The sky is full of smoke,

The dust wraps us all.

My hands feel heavy,

A gun weighs me down.



I rub my eyes and see,

A soldier it seems I am.

A valiant and ambitious one,

Yet mortal in the end.



Did I come here to kill?

Did I come here to protect?

I look around and see,

I only see distress.



Whichever job I came here for,

This job I do regret.

my heart roars inside,

Agony possesses me now.



Apathetic to my identity,

I pull out my gun to my head,

I stare into the dust and say,

Tell me, who am I?

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