Days Of The Week

Days Of The Week


You are like a high school nerd at a college party. Everybody unanimously dislikes you. Nobody understands why you’re there or what you want or why you insist on being a total buzzkill. You try so hard to make conversation but nobody is listening. The music at the party sends everyone into a trance but your words ache every time and wake them up until they confront reality. That’s what they will never like about you. Reality is not welcome. And neither is your love for Physics.


Tuesday is the straight A student. Tries everyday to be better than who he already is. His strict parents often compare him with other people his age. Tuesday is mediocre at sports and terrible at art. His notebooks consist no scribbles, his shoes are perfectly clean, he brushes his teeth every night before bed. He crumbles under the weight of all the things he should be. Tuesday wishes he could be a DJ. But he is not even allowed to go to concerts.


The girl with the hair extensions and multicolored earrings, sitting on a bench and writing. Her pen is blue ink. Her favorite flower is a chrysanthemum, a symbol for optimism, joy and sunlight. She is late to work every morning because she really hates coffee and takes way too long to pick the perfect outfit for her day. Not because she’s vain but because she tries incredibly hard to like herself more. Wednesday wants to watch plays but doesn’t have many friends that share the same interest. 


Our mellow friend Thursday, you are the leader of a Christian youth group. You conduct meetings once a week, you quote the Bible to your friends sometimes and you really, really like a girl in your group. You’re too shy to ask her out, but you hope she will notice your new haircut, the one you got for her solely so she may comment on it. But she will never like you back. Your flirting skills are more dry than your Instagram page. Your solemn disposition cannot be appreciated by many.


The loudest girl in the room with the wildest stories, Friday is the winner of all party games. She races against her own drinking capacity yet is still able to hold back the hair of all her friends. She not only discusses Real housewives with her friends but also debates politics with strangers. Friday can eat voraciously but she can also run a 10k. Friday is the perfect confidant, way too easy on the eyes and cooks a killer meatloaf when she has company. Yet, Friday is lost. She has no clue of her own identity.


Saturday could not be a bigger philistine. His room is full of books that have never been touched and his branded socks always have holes in them. He gets out of bed every morning and apologizes to the girl he really should not have texted the previous night. Saturday runs errands for his mother and drives all the way to the other side of town to pick up his little sister from a sleepover. He buys her a milkshake on the way and himself drinks out of his own flask. Saturday likes to cook pasta for his family and secretly wants to open up his own dog shelter.


Dude, wake up. You’re gonna get fired again.

2 thoughts on “Days Of The Week

  1. Haha.. this was such a lovely-fun read!! 😀
    But off course, this wasn’t an easy work to move beyond the cliches around Monday but actually a whole lot of dynamic layers of what your beautiful,expressive mind could weave for all other weekdays.. !!😀
    Lovely..!! 💛Keep it up.. take it higher..!! ✨✨ 🙃


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