Best moments from 2017!

Best moments from 2017!

Just casually sharing some photos of my one favorite moment from each month of 2017!


January: The day I got to cheer up my bestfriend by taking her horseback riding which was then followed by a sleepover. We woke up the rest of the family because we were laughing too hard at 2am.


February: We had a study session after school where we started by watching a movie and then ended up talking about our deepest feelings with each other. We all opened up to each other in a way none of us had done before. This is a photo from when I had picked up drinks for some of my friends for the session.

March: Attended a Model UN in Milwaukee with some of the greatest people I knew. Also went to an amazing restaurant called Safehouse during that trip where I ate the BEST MAC N CHEESE EVER!

April: Saw the Chainsmokers live with the coolest people! We had a theory that some of us got second- hand high if that is even a real thing?







May: PROM(with the hottest date ever)!!!! Need I say more?


June:  Going away party that my friends threw for me a couple days before I left the States. We all cried as I gave them my handwritten letters and decided to meet for breakfast the next day. That breakfast was the last time we saw each other.

July: We had an AFS return orientation where all the Indian exchange students met and discussed their experiences and the tribulations of being back home. We realized that nobody could understand us except the people who really went through what each of us did. I felt less alone.

August: Experiencing a win at DPS Sreejan Debate!

September: Another win in NWR Declamation.

October:  School trip to Rajpura, Rajasthan. This trip really brought me closer to some of my new classmates. It was the one time I didn’t miss Wisconsin too much.

November: Meeting a friend whom I’d known since 7th grade but hadn’t seen in a couple years. She just hasn’t changed.

December: My family and I went to a wedding in a small town in Rajasthan. It was the first time I wore a saree and didn’t regret staying up till 5am.


More than anything, this post has made me realize that my life and year has been a lot more eventful than I think it has. Even though this just might be the good days, it reminds me to be grateful for every single day. 🙂